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We are the #1 choice for providing stylists the very best professional beauty products in the industry.  Located in Pelham, Alabama, the Salon Center operates as an independent, family owned business putting the needs of the stylists and salons first. We strive to deliver exciting new brands, unparalleled education, great customer service, and caring and compassion not readily found at your traditional mega beauty supply companies. 

Our sales representatives are highly knowledgeable and experienced with many having served over 20 years in the industry.

​You work hard and you deserve the best support. Let us help you make your business a whole lot better!

Hair Salon


We at The Salon Center pride ourselves on the quality of our team and our manufacturers.  Our goal is to utilize our years of experience and knowledge to help make you more money while providing your clients with the best services and products.  A personal representative will be provided to assist you at no additional cost.  Orders are efficiently processed and delivered inside your salon within 2 business days or less for only $12.99! 


In-Salon Treatments

A large percentage of salon clientele suffer from frizzy, dry, dull, damaged, and unruly hair.  Smoothing and reconstructive treatments are one of the best and most profitable services you can offer salon clients.

In-salon treatment are critical to helping your clients keep their hair looking healthy, shiny, and frizz-free.

We offer only the best brands in this category, such as:

Brazilian BlowoutColor WowTruss Professional, and Concept.

If you are looking for ways to increase your income while giving your clients hair of a lifetime, be sure to offer our top-selling treatments to your service menu! 

Hair Color

Hair color has become  a huge part of a salon's revenue. It is the "bread and butter" of our business.   While there are many well-known color brands, we like to promote smaller, family-owned boutique companies that are more concerned with quality, rather than on profits to shareholders.

The Salon Center proudly recommends the finest brands, such as: ConceptAloxxi, andKaaral.

Allow us to become your professional hair color supplier! 

Call Now To Order: 205-940-1140

Best Selling Retail Products

After you are done giving your clients the best hair ever with our treatments and hair color, be sure they don't leave without our top selling retail products to keep their hair looking and feeling great until their next visit!

Selling retail adds to your revenue and increases customer loyalty, which ultimately leads to higher client retention.

Our hottest selling retail brands are: Brazilian BlowoutColor Wowmilk_shakeScruples,NeumaSudzzfx, and now our newest line Truss Professional.

By recommending these professional aftercare products to your customers, you will enjoy regular repeat sales.

Hottest New Products



​Developed for stylists, by stylists offering tangible results with a therapeutic and innovative line centered around the natural benefits of CBD.

The exclusive LEAF & FLOWER CBD Corrective Complex elicits and entourage effect by combining key cannabanoids under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to preserve efficacy and deliver instant results for all hair types - making hair stronger and more predictable with continued use.

Our ingredients are treasure from the soil and sea: CBD Corrective Complex, Oats, Barley, Pisum Sativum, Sweet Almond Oil, Red Seaweed & Hookweed, Black Quinoa, Shea Butter, Dessert Date Oil, Coconut Oil, and Juniper Berry.


Gama IQ Perfetto 2.0 Dryer

The lightest and most powerful hair dryer in the world. The IQ Perfetto dries hair 30% faster than any other dryer. Get professional performances.


~Auto Clean - A technology that rotates the turbine in reverse direction, deep cleaning the filter.


~Memory Function - Speed and temperature memorization system, which recalls chosen settings among the 18 possible configurations, easily usable with the LED display.


~Innovative Micro filter - Prevents the passage of even the smallest dirt particles into the motor, promoting your hair’s cleanliness and extending the engine’s lifecycle. Designed to prevent your hair from getting caught in the back coil of the dryer.


~Oxy Active Technology - Get shiny and elastic hair thanks to the emission of active oxygen with anti-bacterial, for better color fixation and lock.


~Venturi Effect - The air outlet has been designed to mutilply the air-flow dispensed by the motor. The extra air-flow is produced via vacuum effect without using extra power.


~Auto-Diagnosis System - The IQ hairdryer is equipped with a new auto-diagnosis system to find any operating problems.



100% Vegan Wax Base, Highly Moisturizing, Reconstruction, Anti-Aging, Anti-Frizz, Softness, Extra Shine, Protective Layer to Seal Cuticles.

ACTIVES:  Myrica Fruit Wax: 100% Vegan Wax.

Phospholipids: Increase elasticity, transport the nutrients into the hair fiber efficiently, combat drying, and increase hair softness and shine.


Bio Cysteine: Micro amino acid that has bioaffinity with the hair. A powerful rebuilder, it increases the hair’s flexibility and resistance, mainly protecting hair that has been treated chemically.


Blend of Miracle Oils: restores damaged hair. Restores Amino Acids, Proteins and Lipids. Increases elasticity and resistance. Provides softness and reduces frizz.

Ceramides: Increase softness and restore the hair, affording shine, and have Color Protection action.


Vitamin E: Antiaging action, it assists in hair growth and protects the hair from damage caused by the sun.


Vitamin F: Slows down hair pigmentation loss and revitalizes dry, damaged hair.

Soft Effect: Restores damaged hair, promoting intense conditioning. Antifrizz, double tip repairer and thermal protector.

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